Full Name 0005 - WarioWare - Touched! (U).7z
Filesize 15.4 MB
Region USA
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If you only have time to download 1 game then get this one. It is one the first DS games and uses the stylus and mic everyway possible. Only trouble is, nintendo now can't surprise us with other inventive usage for the stylus. The more you play, the more features you unlock, it almost feels endless...
This game is endless... The BEST game for car rides. No question. Unless you prefer reading a book.
Crazy game, so innovative!
Cool game. it rocks!!
This game is so fun and challenging. you only have like 5 seconds to complete a task and it gets harder each level. its so much fun
This is a fun game to past time.
It is indeed a really great game. As the name says, it is the fifth game ever made for the DS game console, however, I say this is better than many games, games such as "Cooking Mama". The game was rather short, I myself played it trough right away once I had downloaded it, but however, not too short. All the levels can be replayed, and once the game is done for, you have gone through all the levels, there will be 3 new stages. First there is only one, but when you play it, another stage gets unlocked. In these 3 stages there is no limit for how much you play, except of course, your own life. In the first one of these three it is just normal infite play, in the second one the game level is always level 2, and you only have one "heart". And in the third, you have, once again, 4 hearts, BUT: the gameplay is 2 times faster. In everywhay, it is a very nice game, and it uses every stulys techique, and even the microphone. If you want to download a game that is fun and can be played trough in one day, download this. It is also lots of fun even if you play through it, since the game lacks leveling up system: It will never get too easy.
Meh...fun while it lasted.