Full Name 0662 - Digimon World DS (U).7z
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Works perfectly. Great game for kids! I recommend this game for kids! I tried it out (I try all the games before giving them to my kiddo) and it play like an older nintendo/arcade game - you jump up on many different platforms/levels and grab things. You also try to avoid harmful things. I only played a little of it - so it might change later in the game, but that is what I saw.
its ok
i actually like this game, great for little kids, my younger friend (she's actually 8 right now xD) loves this game.
I played this game as a kid, its always been one of my favorites. Even now that I'm 20 years old I still love it.
Excellent game - spent many hours playing this on my DS over the years. A must-play for any digimon fan
pls stop saying forkids for kids,its annoying,and blatantly ignorant,game is a game.