Full Name 0870 - Super Robot Taisen W (J).7z
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Region Japan
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It isn't over in the U.S. due to licensing
The reason they dont make them in english is that with the large number of different series and robot, the cost for liscensing will be enormous. So, back to learning japanese then....
Yep, the only thing they could do in English was their "Original Generations" (fantastic games, btw!) because of licensing, for it's very different in Japan. In japan, you can actually do "Dojinshis", works starring characters from other works without having to pay rights to the original producers. However, this very particular principle only exists in Japan, so in short: "Nay SRT outside Japan. 4 evar." Except if someone is curageous enough to translate loads of text as a benevol, of course. Any volunteer?
can't we as fans do something like pooling our cash together for the rights cost? hehehe just dreaming out loud but if reeeaaaally love the series that much the any thing is possible or if were flat broke we can just take tipsynaruto's advise!! hail zeon!!
Bonta-kun xD
this game great i already play it try it
is this game easy to play even if you dont know Japanese
this games is easy if you have played super robot taisen games before