Full Name 1397 - DK - Jungle Climber (U).7z
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Region USA
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E.P.I.C. A solid platformer like most of the series.
Fun game, really try this! it is a somewhat different game then the normal platformers. Ofcourse you need to get to the next level but in this game you climb like a monkey. The L and the R button are your hands and you need to climb your way up en down like that. Cool game, 8 out of 10.
Really nice game. you'll have a lot fun
Cool sounds fun can't wait to try it THX:D
Vert fun game...down load it...fun fast on the road game...
is it like DK King of Swing for the gba?
ok, this is just like the gba one but with 3d graphics, i like d the other one better though, 8/10