Full Name 1770 - Tales of Innocence (J).7z
Filesize 83.2 MB
Region Japan
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This is actually a good game but too bad i doesnt have a english release
Good game? i've seen PSX games that looks like dump after watching a trailer of this game... it's awesome! but yeah, being an import leaves much to be desired, because aside from the awesome interface, the trailers keep boasting about it's storyline. but it's not like it's totally unheard of, maybe in a few months we get lucky enough for an english port. maybe. until then, i'll just enjoy it a bit. :)
Damn,what takes the cmpany so long to make the english version
No English version yet on October the 8th 2008
No E?nglish version yet on October 12th, but this game is really good ^^
Http://zettaizero.wordpress.com/ Watch this site for news about an english patch that's in the works for this game, they're currently expecting a release for early '09.
Will this english patch work for the CycloDS Evo?