Full Name 1992 - Assassin's Creed - Altair's Chronicles (U)(M3).rar
Filesize 31.2 MB
Region USA
Downloads 12222
Can Download No


Works on R4 using latest firmware. Quite a good game, low framerate. Download worthy
NOT a very challenging game.. kinda expected more. R4 download w/o difficulty.
Cant get it to work with cycloevolution? anybody having this problem?
I'm using the CycloDS Evolution and it works just fine for me. Although I can't use the soft reset, the game itself plays without any problems. There are a few bugs in the game that make the enemies dumber than they already are, so they can get stuck on ladders and walls. It's a prequel to the xbox/ps3/pc version, so there's no "genetic memory" plot. It keeps asking me if I'm left handed every time I use the touchscreen, and I need to blow on the mic to open treasure chests for some reason. They even ripped off Elite Beat Agents with timing the screen touches to interrogate people.
Who can download this?
Gthspam: hehheh blowing on the mic to open a tresure chest? dude thats messed up! anyways this game is so-so for me i expected more but hey, its another port so dont be surprised. OH! and before i forget they lost the ragdoll physics in this game.
Works fine on my EZ5, very cool game aswell :D
I'm now downloading it and i hope it'll work properly on my emulator. I've seen the pc version, and it's very good game i think. Thank you for the game