Full Name 2596 - Digimon World Championship (U).7z
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Region USA
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At last!!!!digimon world championship!!!!i've been waiting for this! thanks romulation!
I love digimon even though i am now 13! Thanks rom people!!!!!!
Hey, I am 18 now, and I am still playing pokemon and digimon, there is nothing wrong with that man, age doesnt matter!! If you like it, just play it!
Yay! Thanks RomU! Thanks Xenophobia! This game is awesome! I've been playing japanese waiting for this one, it's a great game! Yay!
Um, so is this like the digimon world in PSX where your pet fights in real time instead of turn based? I kinda preferred that format.
Not as good as the other NDS Digimon series. But still good to be played
This game in mother @#$!king addictive and awesome
Greanseal, what are these other digimon games? If any of those are like the ones ferofax is talking about I would gladly go get them. And thanks Xenophobia for another one of your fine submissions