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This game has been AWESOME!!! I love the ending/final boss,kinda like a bit of yu-gi-oh when yugi faced marik on the big kaiba ship there(no,there is no yugi in the game,i am saying the boss is a fusion of a human and a beast/monster/demon,understood?)Anyway,d efinetly get it. there are cheats for it that can be found here: http://www.gamewinners.com/ Cheats/index.php/Naruto:_Path_Of_The_Nin ja_2#More... enjoy!
This game is way too awesome! I wouldn't have expected it at first, it's got many things to do after you complete it, and the Wi-Fi is pretty cool
10/10 yay this game has hinata.
This game is too short. does it finish after defeat gensho? and i wonder every naruto game i played never include hand sign. it's too short
Same as rpg 3
Its a LOT better than the first game
Guys, in this sequel unlike the first game you cannot save anywhere. you have to step on the hidden leaf logo marker(the pinkish-glowing thing which replenishes your health and chakra.)and press SELECT then it will ask you to save the game. hope this helps.
Do you have like pet dragon