Full Name 2815 - Soul Eater - Medusa no Inbou (J).7z
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Region Japan
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Awesome :) can't wait for it to come out in english
Wow, I'm gonna try, I hope it's a bit understandable...
Wow~ i want to play this game soooooooooooo bad
Now downling later play.
Looks like an action game, shouldn't be hard to figure out the story.
Its a pretty good anime, albeit a bit ...interesting in some cases. Neways, hope the games just as fun!
Probably won't come out in english because they do that with most anime games
As sad as it sounds, this likely wont be out in english, at least, not for a long, long, time. You see, the problem here is that like most anime, even popular anime, Soul Eater is produced in japan. Believe it or not, japan has an extremely complex legal system. especially on media projects. So unfortunately, it takes a long, long, while for any american company to license it. On top of that, the company has to think the anime is marketable in the states or they wont go through the trouble to pick it up at all. To sum up a long story, This game is based on the Soul Eater anime. Which is not yet licensed in the states. But, im not being a total downer by any means. There is a glimmer of hope. Yen Press recently aquired the rights to many Monthly Shōnen Gangan works, Soul Eater being one of them. Will this mean that given good press, we could obtain a license anime with a shitty dub that nobody wants to watch, but in turn good games that read can actually read?(yea, i went there) Well, we can only hope folks. I know i am.