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Full Name 3110 - Fire Emblem - Shadow Dragon (E)(M5).7z
Filesize 36.8 MB
Region Europe
Downloads 29200
Can Download No



Great game. Kind of like Advance Wars with some RPG elements thrown in.
Haishh.. i cant download it.. plisshh gimme a mirror or something.. i'm craving to death here!!
Romulation rocks [img][/img].
Fire emblem is the best game ever :)
Romulation rocks :)
How do i download it
Its only supposed to come out on the 16th of febuary but you guys got it AWESOME!!!!!!!
100th post!!!!!!!! my friend says this is an amazing game, unfortunately for some reason i can't dl it=(
Hot games for me!
Doesn't work in my ds... is it normal?
Thanks romulation! YOU ARE THE BEST!
Lol with cheats i just kill everyone and use Marth the whole way