Full Name 3195 - Age of Empires - Mythologies (E)(M5).7z
Filesize 99.6 MB
Region Europe
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Does this version of age of empire need to be patched?
This website would help you how to patched: http://gbatemp.net/index.php ?showtopic=94755&st=0&p=1265830&#entry12 65830
Is this any good? I didnt like the first version of Age of empires on ds.
This game is good, you shoul try it out,,
Were is the patch?
Real Real cool game. I have played a lot of tbg but this is the best so far.
You dont need any patches! it works without any patches on r4.
Is this game any better than the age of kings? i thought that one was rubbish with the graphics, gameplay...everything really. I wanted a portable age of empires game because i love the PC version bt that was nothing like it! Is this any better or should i ignor it? Does it work on R4?