Full Name 3424 - Dragon Quest V - Hand of the Heavenly Bride (U)(M3).7z
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Region USA
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Yay, finally. Thank you very much. Had been waiting for this one.
Cool, been waiting for this.
Anyone know if this one has freezing problems as well?
This release is patched, right? If not, how do I patch it?
If the release is not patched, you can try and use GBATemp Narin's Cheat code and the software DSATM... or else you can go and check the discussion about the same game, but in the European version, people were there explaining it also... and giving a link to a patched file... :)
Team Cyclops just released 1.54b3 firmware that added compatibility for the EU version (3396). I'll check the US version and see if it works as well. I give it 50/50 chance. If it doesn't work, I'm sure they'll get it into 1.54b4 or 1.54final very soon.
Where do you download 1.54b3? They only show 1.53 on their website?
I was able to find 1.54b2...