Full Name 3540 - Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure (E)(M5).7z
Filesize 19.3 MB
Region Europe
Downloads 3150
Can Download Yes


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Role Playing Game where you catch critters and level them by battling random enemies and working through other turn based battle challenges. Thank you Romulation
Just beat it with a complete national dex. really fun. no, but i hope its enough to warrent a complete leaving of Diamond.
What they need is a Pokemon game that plays through each and every Pokemon world, like what they did to PKMN Gold and Silver (both mapsets) :) That would be prime!
This is real. I downloaded it when they accidentally uploaded it with the wrong number. :P Ah, its worth mentioning that incase you made a japanese playthrough, renaming the save will allow you to play in english with your progress intact.
That was fast. Can't wait to see this in action. I swear, they had better sped up the Surf animation!
What's platinum is it a whole new adventure or is it the same world from diamona nd pearl with new monsters?
Love it... and love how this was on for download this fast, it'll give me more time to decide whether i really want to buy this or not. thanks