Full Name 3646 - Katekyou Hitman Reborn! DS - Fate of Heat II - Unmei no Futari (J).7z
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I watch the anime XD
Lol the anime is sick i say hitman reborn and soul eater are best naruto and bleach are starting to be dull but only thing i didnt like in soul eater is the kishin part
Nice comments...i was hoping for something that will describe the game..sheesh
The saving doesn't work on this game :(
What the? Are you serious?does it need to be patched or something? Oh no!I really like this game.. This game is based on Katekyo Hitman Reborn.. It's a lot of Japanese,if you don't understand this game(same as i) probably you shouldn't play this.. It's basically use cards for fighting...you have to finish quests like talk to someone,or search for something.(again really hard,if don't understand Japanese) you can recruit some characters based on the scenario..You playing as Tsuna the main character.. Sometimes you be playing the other character.. For the picture,it's probably taking the timeline in the future arc When Tsuna,Reborn,The Vongola guardians,and the girls go to the future I think there will be some new character,like the first game For me this is actually fun to play,since i'm a big fan for the anime and manga... If you watched or read the manga you will understand most of parts this game,but then since there will be a new characters the storyline will change a bit.. I'm sorry if my review is bad..I will review it again after i beat the game...^o^
The save file works you have to choose the second option to save
O thanks :p
As long as when people are playing the game they are doing it and in replacement of doing it in the real world and so they aren't getting themselves into trouble.