Full Name 3656 - Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon - Sora no Tankentai (J).7z
Filesize 29.3 MB
Region Japan
Downloads 2591
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Pokemon mystery dungeon duh, Explorers of the sky, just the same as other pokemon mystery dungeon games i assume
Is this the sequel to the second one?
Seems its the continuation of PMD EoT/D , kinda explains why wigglytuff forms a guild and some other things
This seams cool ive been hearing about this.i guess i could try it it would be something to play while im waiting for made in ore,kingdom hearts 358/2 days,guitar hero on tour modern hits,and phantasy star 0 EDIT:so is this a different story from time and darkness like everything new or do you still go to a guild and all of that?
It's almost the same as the older Time & Darkness, except with some new features and a little story change in beggining. It's actually worth downloading. Thanks for the ROM btw. ;)
It works fine on R4.
It finally came out XD now i gotta hurry up and finish up darkness!!!
I played this for a few minunts its great just i cant get a pokemon i want since the survey is in japanese =P i got a stupid shynx T\_T i would play more but its hard to play in japanese.id say its still worth downloading.its great