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One of the worst RPG I have ever played. Take my word for it or see for yourself, but you would be better off with Dragon Warrior 1. No wait! That RPG by Tecmo ,SNES I think, was worse. Something Stars something. Cannot remember the name, sorry.
Suck a nut this game was awesome, One of the best, even better than most Final fantasy games.
Secret of the stars?
Yeah thats the one grim
This one is a nice RPG, alittle 'old school', but nice... I liked this one way better than TECMO's Secret of the Stars, anyway. Besides, this one is nice for a break, from the Realms of say Final Fantasy 7 or 8 or 9 for example... I find this one much less little kid like, than Secret of the Stars..
Its a basic j-rpg and this game is one of the first, if not the first english language RPG that comes out on the PSX the only thing putting me off playing this game then is the "Poison" status that lasted almost to the end of the game
I loved this game, it was one of my favorite RPGs and still is. Its deffinitely worth trying out if your a true fan of the genre.
Dont listen to the above people this is one of the truely great classic RPG's for all you real gamers who still can appreciate a game for its storyline and unique original gameplay (at the time it came out) this ones well worth playing, dont worry about the poison effect on sampson either he was way too strong and that knocks him down to your other chars level until about halfway through the game.
Ancient classic! I don't know why, but I'm suddenly attracted to play this again :)