Full Name Brave Fencer Musashi [U] [SLUS-00726].7z
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Region USA
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This game is the best!! First Rpg game i got for PS1 back then =D Really fun ^^
I had this game for quite some time when I was a kid but my little sister BROKE IT!!! >:( but now I found it here and I HIGHLY APPRECIATE IT!!!!!!!!!!:) thanks guys you all are doing an awesome job!
I love this game. Definitely glad you guys have it up here, thanks a ton. I recommend this game to all.
This game is incredibly awesome. I just love how it plays; it's one of my favourite 3d games out there. I still actually have the discs for this.
Ah... Anothert Legendary Game From Squaresoft.
Owo incredible game >w< an instant classic!
I played this game in one PSX of friend. Great game, Square make one classic.
So glad this game was on here =). One of the best ever.