Full Name Bushido Blade 2 [U] [SLUS-00663].rar
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Great game, very realistic. You get sliced in the arm, that arm is no longer usable, same thing for whatever else gets hit by your enemies weapons. You wont find a health bar here.
This game is ingenious. It's area sensitive, you can do first person view. It's realistic enough. And the best part is.... NO ANNOYING BARS AND HUBS! Just you and the opponent, one on one, mono a mono. Brilliant game.
Oh, how I've missed this game! Brings back so many memories. Excellent rom. Very fluid, not lagging like many I have used before on other sites. Thank you for uploading this!
I just so love this game, ever since I've come across the PS1. I was searching for this for quite some time now but thanks to ROMULATION!!!. Now I feel like I'm back to the past....thanks a lot!!!
I remember playing this game for the first time againts my experienced bushido player pal. and go "What the ....!!!!" when he throws a katana at me and kill me in one strike.. of course when i get the hang of it. i chop of his head in one stroke of a sword :D one strike is all that is needed :D
Always wanted to try this game. your comments make me want to try it more
Play more,kill more,have fun even more.
Hi all Is manific game thx romulation