Full Name Digimon World 3 [U] [SLUS-01436].7z
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Region USA
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If you like the Digimon series or just RPGs in general you will love this game. This game is definately the best digimon game of the three for the PS1. I highly recomend downloading it.
Best game ever played on my playstation1! Thanks a million for uploading this, my playstation1 console is not working properly and the disc was borrowed from a friend long ago, so i do not have it with me now, i am gonna play this game with the playstation1 emulator on my computer. Cheers.
Great game for psx.I played it long ago and it was realy fun,i in the end lost my disk when i was stuck in a desert but ey now i know wer to go so dis game realy rocks
I get (untitled) when i finish download and i try to open it i get untitled
That's a great game XD ty
10x romulation for an awesome game
I have to be honest when i played the first digimon world i wasnt overly impressed, but when i played 2 and especially 3 my opinion was changed thanks for uploading a good psx game
A really good game, worth playing. thanks for uploading!