Full Name Digimon World [U] [SLUS-01032].7z
Filesize 178.6 MB
Region USA
Downloads 109616
Can Download Yes


Good game, if you know how to play it, it'll only take a week or less to beat
This is the best digimon game bandai ever release.
How can i play this game ??
How do i burn it on to a disc
How do i burn it on to a disc and how can i play this game???
Um my game freezes when i finish a battle and its boosting my stats can i get help
Use Alcohol 120%, Select Image burning wizard, browse for your .cue or .ccd file you downloaded, select it and hit open, make sure the data size is at least in the hundreds of megabytes, click next, select playstation from the format list on the bottom, select 4X burning speed, check the rectify sub-channel data box and hit burn. You should be good to go as long as you have a way to actually play the disc on your PS2 or PS.
Do not use Alchohol 120%. It is loaded down with all kinds of malware that you can't even imagine. Get MagicISO or something else instead, works better and is easy to crack.