Full Name Disney's Toy Story 2 - Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue [SLUS-00893].7z
Filesize 395.9 MB
Region USA
Downloads 21594
Can Download No


I don't know if something went wrong, but the game won't work so be warned.
does not serve the game?...
Lie! if the game works !!... Thanks Romulation!!!... Mentira!!... Si sirve el Juego, y esta bastatnte Divertido!!...Gracias!!
Si sirve el Juego GREAT GAME!!!....
It works well. First you have to rename the file because its file name is too long. Remember to place .bin or whatsoever in the end of the file name. If you use PSX emulator, then you have to convert the .bin file to .cdz format. Enjoy the game! :)
The download page is broken!!!
The download page is broken
It was my first game