Full Name Dragon Warrior VII Disc 1 of 2 [U] [SLUS-01206].7z
Filesize 350.4 MB
Region USA
Downloads 88541
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Great game!!
It brings back great memories. I have started to play the whole Dragon Warrion series and I like it even more.
Wow..i really like this game..
Amazing game, great ISO. Runs perfect, same with 2nd Disk. Highly recommended for those who adore J-RPGs like Final Fantasy, and Pok'emon. I give this game 10/10! Pure Classic, one of the best in the DW/DQ Series, Definally is the longest! Expect alot of time trying to beat this beautiful game!
Hi,i have a problem with this game i downloaded this game but when im extracting it says that the file is corrupt and i cant play it, anyone knows what is happening?
Same problem here. It says my img file is corrupt.....So now I'm out of the points and I've got nothing to show for it.
Is it this dragon quest ?
Yes, DW is the american name for DQ. I dunno why the americans always have to change the name. we should kill people ordering this. This games seemed kinda sloppy when i played it back then. I'll give it another try on the PSP this time. Toriyama rules the wo ... UNIVERSE !