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Full Name Fighting Force 2 [U] [SLUS-00934].7z
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Region USA
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exactly the same people that developed streets of rage but they called this one fighting force.its a good game, get it
This game is not really much fun, at least it wasn't for me back in the day. Gameplay mechanics felt bulky and repetitive. Even for a playstation game lol
Great game !
gosh this game is a classic
i like this game a lot i have enjoyed it a loy many times
This game is very hard to get into. I personally got enjoyment out of it on the Dreamcast. Its a Tomb Raider kind of game. Aiming is hard, controls are wonky, the level design feels repetitive. For those who trod through this game to the end, theres an awesome virtual reality where you play Asteroids with the main character. Thats the reward the devs give you for spending hours on this mediocre game. Um, how come I can't play as any of the other characters from the first game? Lazy devs.
Fighting Force 2 is not that better than Figthing Force. The first one is better. For real!
Great game!!!
Pour moi c 1 juex cool
Noit is not good game....!!!!
It good game