Full Name Final Fantasy IX Disc 3 of 4 [U] [SLUS-01296].7z
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FFIX = Best. Final Fantasy. Ever.
FF9's graphics quality in PSX is too bad. When PC version will release? I want to play the PC version. bcoz FF8 Pc has better display than FF8 PSX Version. Now I'm Playing Disc-3 at "Esto Gaza".
FF 9 is really good
wtf i downloaded disc 3 and i just went to the end of disc 2 then i use disc change to disc 3 and its a broken ISO file... please fix this:(
Rifath3 there will NOT be a PC version... The Final Fantasy franchise has moved way beyond FFIX and they will not be releasing anything other than their MMORPG's on PC. As for Scarab12 I will check the ISO now on my emulator and check if it is working
Final Fantasy IX is the best game in the world
-all- the ff9 disc isos have bollocksed up on me so far. disc 1 wouldnt boot, disc 2 froze right before cleyra, and disc 3 freezes right after kujas speech in alexandria.... i think its time to upload some new rips, romulation.
Yup, just got to Kuja's speech and as OoPIMPOoO posted the game freezes.