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Tactics for PSX is better than the GBA "Tactics Advance" and I have yet to play the PSP one
This is the {in my opinion} GREATEST TRPG in the history of gaming. It's free of the stupid rock-paper-scissors class balance system, and the limits of the game are endless. There are codes(if you own a cheat device) which allow you to make the game so hard that completing it is a mark of true skill. Or you can create your own special characters, ability sets, really anything within the game is possible. Even without said device, the story is as dark and rich as possible, and the translations errors serve as comic relief rather than hampering your progress through the game. Overall, this is a must own/play for any gamer alive.
I'll go straight the same for Anbutou! This is the best TRPG that's ever made !! with all those character,strong figure,an awesome story...one of the best games I've ever played~
This game is amazing in every regard! It never gets boring and the hidden dungeon is real hard but easy to figure out. The music is just uncredible, great battle music and everything. And one more thing......you are able to get monsters to join you! I DEFINETLY give this 5 stars. :D
Its a realy great game thanks
This is one of the rpgs that ill go back to play and complete
Mind bogglingly complex story, in depth class/job system, almost endless variety and tons of secrets to find. I will admit that the GBA version made some improvements to the battle system (like the ability to take back a move if it left you out of range for attacks). All around great game
The final fantsy series always rocks.