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Full Name In The Hunt [U][SLUS-00172].7z
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Region USA
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Looks like Metal Slug clone, but actually it were created before it (but by the same team)
the same as metal slug but this time you are in control of a submarine.
I have this for the Saturn and played the arcade version a bit. Very fun shooter and one of few with a submarine theme. Shooting up towns and destroying buildings just off the coast to sunken cities and ruins. This game had some real imagitive levels. Really more of a skill shooter that focuses more on planning shots and evasion rather than just right up dodging and shooting like nuts. Experienced arcade shooter players should have no trouble but find it a more calming experience compared to other hyper shooters yet still really explosive. The PSX and Saturn ports also have an added intro and CD-audio music which fits the game very nicely. The arcade version used good ol hardware generated music instead but the CD-audio remixs are the best by far. Saturn version should be more of a solid port with better speeds, but this PSX version shouldn't have any cuts either. I highly suggest giving this game a try. One of IREM's greats.
one of my favrouts i used to play when i was 4
Nice game, also available to play in MAME.