Full Name Legend of Dragoon, The Disc 1 of 4 [U][SLUS-94491].7z
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Region USA
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A well-made take on the traditional Role Playing Games of the age, with a kind of Legend of Legaia battle interface, keeps you interested in the battles, which is a good thing. This game is a must-have for anyone interested in Role Playing Games.
Excellent storyline. Excellent RPG. There is a bug on disk 1 where after you battle the ghost spirit so you can get the silver dragoon gem ( after the experience screen the game turns black and freezes ). NOTE: this game does not work very well with ePSXe unless you have the proper plugins... its easier to use with PSXeven. If i manage to ever get past the bug ill post how here.
This ran fine in ePSXe 1.7, I will get this PSXeven just in case. This is the best RPG that I can emulate anyway, thanks to Romulation for hosting this!
A WONDERFULL story!!! different fighting style!!! and the main CHARACTER NAME is same with my name!!! thanks romulation... for everything!!
This game is worth every minute playing, really good story!
Love this game, played and beat it once..but can't wait to play and beat this badboy again [=
This is my favorite game this one make me like rpgs
Great game but I get a serious glitch after aquiring the Jade Dragoon. I cant enter Lohan.. just a black screen. Doesnt matter what emulator I use =/.