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Full Name MegaMan X6 [U][SLUS-01395].7z
Filesize 239.3 MB
Region USA
Downloads 31670
Can Download No



Everytime i click the download butten ,nothing happedns this site sucks
very nice game
good times playing this game !!!!!!!!!!
sir, everyone can please tell me how can i earn point... because i can't download games anymore...please anyone help me... thanks
This game is one underrated gem. LONG LIVE TO THIS SITE! If its anyway to help this site, I´ll do it if I can!
It's nice to see it again for years.
the only hard part in the game for me is metal shark player's stage, other than that it's all a breeze especially sigma who's a real pushover in this game.
"Please note that support will not be given in comments, we have a forum for that."
can these games be played at psp? its an iso right?
best graphic 2d >> in my opinion it's better than make it 3d ( x7 x8 )
the best site (long live to romulation LOL)
I downloaded the game but for some reason I just can´t find it when I try to run it´s ISO