Full Name NASCAR Rumble [U][NTSC-U] [SLUS-01068].7z
Filesize 123.1 MB
Region USA
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This game is really fun, you wont regret downloading it... its really much more than boring old left-turning nascar.
Ahhh... Bring back memories...
GOD !!! AWESOME GAME!!! HOPE U BUMPED INto this page becuz ur lucky!!! GREAT GAME!!! feels like ur playing burnout!!! but much much more DESTRUCTION!!! massive multiplayer rumble!!!
This game is great for multiplayer fun. The graphics isn't all that but its gameplay makes up for it so much you won't even notice. hate to break the rules but "this is awesome".
This game is one of the best addictive arcade racers ive played on the psx ,The grafix of the cars is really well done ,they look great,the engine noises aswell sound really good,but best of all the Tracks in this game are nice on the eyes ,some games just look plain boring, this one has alot of character to each race,the tracks are all very different and challenging,if your after a really good arcade type racing game (you'll want to get this!),works well on the epsxe 1.70 emulator aswell,Nice one.
this game is so cool,tornado from cars???wow
I love this game, but my old CD for it is scratched at the edges and such, thus preventing me from playing the Bad Lands or Gold Rush cups. I love the music in Gold Rush, and love playing at Stoney Creek (Bad Lands)... hopin' to burn this onto a CD-R and play it on my PS3 and hear Jess Harnell and his funny-as-hell commenting in-game again... GO, JEFF GORDON, GO!
it's great game racing!!!!!!