Full Name Spyro the Dragon 3 - Year of the Dragon [U][NTSC-U] [SCUS-94467].7z
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Region USA
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It's funny. if you play this game on an emulator... at one point the fairy will say ''spyro, you're using a hacked version of this game. illegal copies may have problems that the legal copies don't"
Thats Funny
Haha thats great daweefolk, I'm gonna download this just to hear that ^^
Daweefolk, your right, i think that's the reason i can't continue to the 4th homeworld when i die at the boss
Whatever get a r4, cyclo ds, ez-flash, acecard, ect. thats what i do
The game is great but this file is CRAP, it's a cracked version and not the real deal. I already played this cracked version and it does not work correctly, lots of bugs and errors. Do NOT waste time on this game, you will only get sad when you realize you can't continue playing because of all the bugs. Or suddenly, you're transported to a previous area and all your work is erased and you have to start all over. That's what happened to me, several times! DON'T use this piece of crap, you here?
Daige is right, This ISO glitched up SO FREAKIN BADLY I was like "WHAAAT?!", Such as Sparx only having one hit, then DISAPPEARING after he trys to heal himself.
That's a pity the ISO's bad =( I wanted to play this game. My game had a glitch in it back then. When I came to the final boss Spyro suddenly appeared in the first world and all the progress was deleted, as if you just started playing the game. No luck here either XP