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Full Name Spyro the Dragon 3 - Year of the Dragon [U][NTSC-U] [SCUS-94467].7z
Filesize 304.3 MB
Region USA
Downloads 28193
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Thanks !!
The fairy's name is Zoe
Anyway, Does it Good As 1
thx for the game
Spyro ROCKS!!!!
A very nice game, i'm playing it on my psp and it had no glitches or bugs. I've already beaten last boss and now i'm in bonus area.
Plays ok, I have a DVD with all the Spyro games but was just thinking it would be easier to get this since my DVD drive went bad on my old laptop which my daughter uses. She loves this game and doesnt notice, but thanks I will make sure to get the other one transferred. That intro was the most annoying thing. I might get this up to rapidshare because this is known as the bet PSX game to come out by a lot of people. I never really played it that much because I went through all 3 just to see if they ran and what not. It is pretty cool because it seems like a Dreamcast or XBox game the way they have everything seemless and sort of fake hi def but the game is also fun. I help out my daughter when she gets stuck and as much as I hate puzzles, I have a blast every time. This is the defining platformer of the first generation just before Jak/Daxter, etc.