Full Name Super Robot Taisen Alpha (J)[NTSC-J][SLPS-02636].7z
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Region Japan
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this game is outstanding but yet the graphic is kinda..well, PSX -_- I'll give the game rating for: Storyline: 4 over 5 music: 4 over 5 but yet, this game need to be patch in English.
it's game animation good! story and graphic
Looks good, better try it now.. *downloading...*
Ah, a Super Robot Taisen game for PSX. I should try this.
I don't like the English text at all. It shouldn't have been patched.
Super Robot Taisen
Extremely goood, it has my Favorites Mechas Mazinsaga to Gundam, ^_^ great
hey,,,this game not working when my character talking to mazingerz character,,,