Full Name Tactics Ogre - Let Us Cling Together [U] [SLUS-00560].7z
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Fantastic game it give final fantasy tactics a run for its money thanks so much for this
Although its old its still playable and have what every great RPG game have i must say thank you romulation.net for this wonderfull game
Wonderful! And it cost nothing to download from romulation. Thanks!
What the difference with the gba version??
Looks good but i dont like turn based games, give it a try any way
I remember when I actually owned this game, man was it hard to find. I must've put in over 100 hours and still didn't finish it! Training your troops is a real pain. Its a different storyline than the gba Knight of the Lodis.
Additionally, it is a port of a superfamicon(japanese snes) game. From what i understand there are no improvements whatsoever in terms of graphics, sound, or replayability. I think it has something like 8 different endings, but honestly who has that much time? That being said, if you have a ton of patience(free time) and can appreciate a good story it shouldn't dissappoint.
One of my fave games ever ^^