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Definatley my favorite fighting game for the playstation, played the hell out of it as a kid
One of my favourite playstation games, i even played the demo to death when i got it, very simple compared to what ever tekken we are up to now but i think thats what makes it awesome still.
In my opinion this is the best Tekken game in the series I know a lot of people think Tekken 3 is the best but I enjoyed the game play and even the music in Tekken 2 is the best.
I used to love to play as the sumo wrestler...he was awkward, but fun to play with!
I like this game
First tekken game I played as a kid and still love it
Oh man, this game was my childhood. I used to be a beast with Yoshimitsu. Maybe I still am.... :P
This is a bit old now u can play tekken 3 on ps1 but playing tekken 6 in ps3 is a better experience