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Full Name Thousand Arms Disc 1 of 2 [U] [SLUS-00845].7z
Filesize 391.3 MB
Region USA
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Its good i,m telling you people
This game does not work it's corrupt
Nice blended RPG with dating simulation and light storyline
Where is disk 2???
Difficulty 1 hour into game, corrupt game file
Good game so far not great was surpised how simplistic the sprites were even for the time of release
I enjoyed this game as a kid when it first was released. From what I remember, the only flaw I found in the game is the battle system.. Where you have 3 characters, 1 attacking and 2 supporting. Until either the character is ko'ed or you choose to relieve the first attacker and then you are down to 1 attacking and 1 supporting and you can imagine what happens next. The dating aspect of the game is fun and is recommended to play through just to hear the voice acting of it's time. It is not absolutely necessary to be a master pimp and have all the girls on your nuts, but it certainly does help in battles. Overall, it was a innovative game for its time. Flaws here and there, but none the less still worth playing if you can get through the tedious battles.
I hope the game works.... This is one game i have always wanted to try. This game was featured in a old GameFan magazine with two other JRPG's, "Suikoden II and Xenogears". I got those but didn't have the $$ to get "Thousand arms". I don't regret the decision today.