Full Name Tomba! [U] [SCUS-94236].7z
Filesize 140.9 MB
Region USA
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Can Download Yes


Awesome game. Tips: 1: Read ALL dialogue and pay attention to the mission names which come on to the screen. If you don't, you will get lost very quickly. 2 Saving - You can only save by activating the small signs you'll find periodically throughout the game. You'll need to stand in front of them, press up to look at them and press Square (or whatever you have square bound to) to save.
I remember this as a demo, lol
I still have that demo XD But I am going to download this ROM of it also :D
A great and original game with incredible gameplay. Gamers who like intriguing and original games, this is for you! *hands reader a Tomba RAR* ^_^
I played the sequel and it was really awesome... never completed this game it was harder than the sequel...
I remember this from the old winter releases '98 demo. It's really good and very addictive! Glad I can get to play the whole thing now.
Yeah, I remember the demo too. And now I'm glad to be able to play the whole game. It must be fun.