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Full Name Vagrant Story [U] [SLUS-01040].7z
Filesize 65.4 MB
Region USA
Downloads 35212
Can Download Yes



ashley fight in a power of a brigand
oh boy does this game take me back. the boss battles where fun as all hell. i love it
Love this game. Have loved this game since the first time I played it :) Great story, and great game play (although the button configuration is confusing at first). Also love the download size of this file! Tiny! :D This is THE one game that I have yet to beat... Hopefully I can this time around ^_^
one of my all time favorites , for it's time the graphics were decent , the battle system I personally thought was excellent , and yes the storyline was awesome , I would def. recomend this game . just sad nothing more ever came from it .
to play this game, you need to mount it by using daemon toll[download it at 4shared] then run it with ePSXe. I tried it an it started so hopely and thanks to romulation for this game
the file is mdf i think i must have virtual cd/dvd rom like daemon/alcohol 120%
this game owns.
i love this game!
How to run a .mdf file to epsxe? Can anyone help me! This game was very nc in PS 1 I love this game so much
this game is amazing seriously thank god for a site like this and final fantasy 12 and vagrant are some of the best role playing stories of all time I love it
great rpg game, with fantastic graphic and complex battle system
Can any one teach me how to open this file? I downloaded but I cant open it with the ePSXe. What should I do? This is a fantastic game that I played before(on Play Station). (I don't know how to use the ePSXe.... Teach me please....)