Full Name Warcraft II - The Dark Saga [U] [SLUS-00480].7z
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Awesome... looks just like it did on my ol playstation.... well as far as i can tell anyhow. runs well in custom game play so far
Great game.Could't find anywhere else.
Good game and thanks for pople who create this site
Damn! i haven't played this in years! Its one of my favourite games!
I still have a legit copy of this I am dling it to my 2nd desktop though
warcraft 2 was practicaly what started the warcraft craze was an awesome game, although warcraft 3 was great, it always feels like they left out some of the great elements that warcraft 2 had, warcraft seems far to happy and bright now days, missing that dark atmosphere it used to have, although the humor hasn't changed ^_^
let's play DotA
It is an incredible game! , I can spend whole days playing.