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This game is prolly one of the best rpgs in a console... I mean the breath of fire series was a little better I thought story line wize but this game takes the cake for most other rpgs
Might as well call it ChristianityGears, or maybe XenoJesus.
Hahahahahaha. You've got it wrong, it's XenoJews, look at the plot Doesn't mean it doesn't whoop a whole lot of ass, though.
Great game and a must for rpg fans
Haha...XenoJesus.. ^_^
I only wish that it where an anime of this game, xenosaga was good but not too much
Great RPG game
xenosaga was retched in my opinion.. and i wouldn't agree that xenogears has any 'close' ties to the history in the old testament/jewish scriptures. anyway, that's completely beside the point here. lastly, from what i remember, breath of fire 3 was the crown jewel of the series and the rest were just pretty good. i'm not flaming, just my opinion. this is, as trevah said, probably in the top 10 greatest rpgs ever made for any console. the story itself (though the translators did miss a few typos here and there) is spectacular. it doesn't scream 'originality' but the way it is delivered deserves top marks. it has a beautiful soundtrack. although the game doesn't focus primarily on non-stop battling, the active/combo system is really fun. character development is pretty interesting too as you try to unlock new deathblow abilities and such. finally what really brings it all together is that you constantly switch between hand-to-hand combat and doing battle in 'Gears' (i.e. the giant robots). anyway, awesome game 9/10