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Excellent game. If you enjoy the DS version of this game, you'll fall head over heals in love with this one. It has some small but excellent cinematic at certain triggers in the game, the audio flows beautifully. Thankfully the designers never changed the controls from a standard controller, to the new wii's "energetic" control system. You can just sit back relax and enjoy smashing monsters/farming/fishing/smithing/cooking. I've tried this on both the WII and in Dolphin. I recommend playing on Dolphin with a mouse and keyboard.
I LOVE this game, its the perfect mix of Animal crossing/ Harvest Moon/ and any Hack and slash. In my opinion of course. I owned this game twice, wii and Ps3, my siblings play it so I dont have much game time for myself (T.T) I would REALLLY like to emulate this and play it on my labtop.(If anyone knows... is there a way to take my saved data from ps3 to a computer?) Im having issues downloading unfortunately... but Ive used this site before and find it trustworthy and compatible. I would recommend Rune Factory for young and older players. If you dont want to farm, you can fight and vice versa. Its a nice game to mellow with. I have Dolphin as well. /using logitech keyboard. PS: There is a new Rune Factory game, Tides of destiny, but I prefer this version given the choice. The other game requires tedious hours of sailing the world and the dungeons offer no challenge, I can run through the dungeon, push a few levers, and get to the boss in minutes. Fronteir is pretty much, level up and fight. :D
This is a great game! A great download too! Wonderful graphics
This is an okay game, but I don't think it holds up very well with the farming mechanics. Not having a higher tiered axe and hammer by the first winter storm will render your field useless until you can get better equipment. The runeys are evil. They take an excessively long time to manage, and if you ignore them, you won't be able to grow much of anything. Also, some of the maidens are significantly harder to get it on with than others. Uzuki's Love Points don't like to go up no matter how much of her favored items you give her. The combat, story, comedy, and characters are pretty solid which redeems the game. The dolphin emulator is the way to go. Applying cheat codes to ignore the runeys greatly improves the game.
Really fun game. The only bad thing is the stupid runey system. If your runeys get low you are better off removing ALL of them, then your crops won't wilt. However, they will still take forever to get fully grown. Just use cheats for runeys.
I'm curious about whether or not this works well with Wiiflow and USB Loader GX. Will be attempting this weekend.
You guys play in a computer or in the phone?
This game design was perfect in my opinion. Yes the runey system is very annoying but it forces you to slow down and enjoy the game. Once you have a decent farm keeping up with the system is not very hard to manage. My only complaint is that there has not been another rune factory console game since Tides. For those who emulate and use cheats I think this game is not really for you. The whole idea of the game is to take your time and use your time efficiently.